Evaluation of an indoor localization system for a mobile robot

09/24/2020 ∙ by Victor J. Exposito Jimenez, et al. ∙ 0

Although indoor localization has been a wide researched topic, obtained results may not fit the requirements that some domains need. Most approaches are not able to precisely localize a fast moving object even with a complex installation, which makes their implementation in the automated driving domain complicated. In this publication, common technologies were analyzed and a commercial product, called Marvelmind Indoor GPS, was chosen for our use case in which both ultrasound and radio frequency communications are used. The evaluation is given in a first moment on small indoor scenarios with static and moving objects. Further tests were done on wider areas, where the system is integrated within our Robotics Operating System (ROS)-based self-developed 'Smart PhysIcal Demonstration and evaluation Robot (SPIDER)' and the results of these outdoor tests are compared with the obtained localization by the installed GPS on the robot. Finally, the next steps to improve the results in further developments are discussed.



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