Evaluating User Perception of Multi-Factor Authentication: A Systematic Review

by   Sanchari Das, et al.

Security vulnerabilities of traditional single factor authentication has become a major concern for security practitioners and researchers. To mitigate single point failures, new and technologically advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) tools have been developed as security solutions. However, the usability and adoption of such tools have raised concerns. An obvious solution can be viewed as conducting user studies to create more user-friendly MFA tools. To learn more, we performed a systematic literature review of recently published academic papers (N = 623) that primarily focused on MFA technologies. While majority of these papers (m = 300) proposed new MFA tools, only 9.1 of user focused studies (n = 57) showed that researchers found lower adoption rate to be inevitable for MFAs, while avoidance was pervasive among mandatory use. Furthermore, we noted several reporting and methodological discrepancies in the user focused studies. We identified trends in participant recruitment that is indicative of demographic biases.



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