Evaluating the predicted reliability of mechatronic systems: state of the art

by   N. Bensaid Amrani, et al.

Reliability analysis of mechatronic systems is a recent field and a dynamic branch of research. It is addressed whenever there is a need for reliable, available, and safe systems. The studies of reliability must be conducted earlier during the design phase, in order to reduce costs and the number of prototypes required in the validation of the system. The process of reliability is then deployed throughout the full cycle of development. This process is broken down into three major phases: the predictive reliability, the experimental reliability and operational reliability. The main objective of this article is a kind of portrayal of the various studies enabling a noteworthy mastery of the predictive reliability. The weak points are highlighted. Presenting an overview of all the quantitative and qualitative approaches concerned with modelling and evaluating the prediction of reliability is so important for future reliability studies and for academic research to come up with new methods and tools. The mechatronic system is a hybrid system, it is dynamic, reconfigurable, and interactive. The modeling carried out of reliability prediction must take into account these criteria. Several methodologies have been developed in this track of research. In this regard, the aforementioned methodologies will be analytically sketched in this paper.



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