Evaluating Robustness of Cooperative MARL: A Model-based Approach

by   Nhan H. Pham, et al.
University of California, San Diego

In recent years, a proliferation of methods were developed for cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning (c-MARL). However, the robustness of c-MARL agents against adversarial attacks has been rarely explored. In this paper, we propose to evaluate the robustness of c-MARL agents via a model-based approach. Our proposed formulation can craft stronger adversarial state perturbations of c-MARL agents(s) to lower total team rewards more than existing model-free approaches. In addition, we propose the first victim-agent selection strategy which allows us to develop even stronger adversarial attack. Numerical experiments on multi-agent MuJoCo benchmarks illustrate the advantage of our approach over other baselines. The proposed model-based attack consistently outperforms other baselines in all tested environments.


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