Evaluating Certificate Policy - Certification Practice Statement of Unique Government Certification Authority using Public Key Infrastructure Assessment Guidelines: Research in

by   Dea Saka Kurnia Putra, et al.

OSD PSE is the Indonesian Government Certification Authority (CA) for National e-Procurement System and later named OSD PSE G2. It has a unique hierarchical structure under the OSD Lemsaneg. As an Issuing CA, the OSD PSE G2 publishes and guarantee the quality of the Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement (CP-CPS) in order to gain the PKI user trustworthy. In this article, we analyze the CP-CPS version 1.0 that published by OSD PSE G2. For this purpose, we apply the methodology of PKI Assessment Guidelines (PAG). The quality assessment of this CP-CPS, including its compliance to the related reference/standard, namely: CP OSD Lemsaneg v.1.1; RFC 3647; and CA Business Practice Disclosure Principle on Trust Service Principles and Criteria for Certification Authorities (BPDP-TSPCCA) version 2.0. We finally found that the CP-CPS version 1.0 does not comply with related standard and reference. Hence, the CP-CPS need to be updated following the current condition of OSD PSE G2.


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