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EUR-Lex-Sum: A Multi- and Cross-lingual Dataset for Long-form Summarization in the Legal Domain

by   Dennis Aumiller, et al.
University of Heidelberg

Existing summarization datasets come with two main drawbacks: (1) They tend to focus on overly exposed domains, such as news articles or wiki-like texts, and (2) are primarily monolingual, with few multilingual datasets. In this work, we propose a novel dataset, called EUR-Lex-Sum, based on manually curated document summaries of legal acts from the European Union law platform (EUR-Lex). Documents and their respective summaries exist as cross-lingual paragraph-aligned data in several of the 24 official European languages, enabling access to various cross-lingual and lower-resourced summarization setups. We obtain up to 1,500 document/summary pairs per language, including a subset of 375 cross-lingually aligned legal acts with texts available in all 24 languages. In this work, the data acquisition process is detailed and key characteristics of the resource are compared to existing summarization resources. In particular, we illustrate challenging sub-problems and open questions on the dataset that could help the facilitation of future research in the direction of domain-specific cross-lingual summarization. Limited by the extreme length and language diversity of samples, we further conduct experiments with suitable extractive monolingual and cross-lingual baselines for future work. Code for the extraction as well as access to our data and baselines is available online at:


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