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Estimation of variance components, heritability and the ridge penalty in high-dimensional generalized linear models

by   Jurre R. Veerman, et al.

For high-dimensional linear regression models, we review and compare several estimators of variances τ^2 and σ^2 of the random slopes and errors, respectively. These variances relate directly to ridge regression penalty λ and heritability index h^2, often used in genetics. Direct and indirect estimators of these, either based on cross-validation (CV) or maximum marginal likelihood (MML), are also discussed. The comparisons include several cases of covariate matrix X_n × p, with p ≫ n, such as multi-collinear covariates and data-derived ones. In addition, we study robustness against departures from the model such as sparse instead of dense effects and non-Gaussian errors. An example on weight gain data with genomic covariates confirms the good performance of MML compared to CV. Several extensions are presented. First, to the high-dimensional linear mixed effects model, with REML as an alternative to MML. Second, to the conjugate Bayesian setting, which proves to be a good alternative. Third, and most prominently, to generalized linear models for which we derive a computationally efficient MML estimator by re-writing the marginal likelihood as an n-dimensional integral. For Poisson and Binomial ridge regression, we demonstrate the superior accuracy of the resulting MML estimator of λ as compared to CV. Software is provided to enable reproduction of all results presented here.


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