Estimating the conditional distribution in functional regression problems

05/04/2021 ∙ by Siegfried Hörmann, et al. ∙ 0

We consider the problem of consistently estimating the conditional distribution P(Y ∈ A |X) of a functional data object Y=(Y(t): t∈[0,1]) given covariates X in a general space, assuming that Y and X are related by a functional linear regression model. Two natural estimation methods are proposed, based on either bootstrapping the estimated model residuals, or fitting functional parametric models to the model residuals and estimating P(Y ∈ A |X) via simulation. Whether either of these methods lead to consistent estimation depends on the consistency properties of the regression operator estimator, and the space within which Y is viewed. We show that under general consistency conditions on the regression operator estimator, which hold for certain functional principal component based estimators, consistent estimation of the conditional distribution can be achieved, both when Y is an element of a separable Hilbert space, and when Y is an element of the Banach space of continuous functions. The latter results imply that sets A that specify path properties of Y, which are of interest in applications, can be considered. The proposed methods are studied in several simulation experiments, and data analyses of electricity price and pollution curves.



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