Estimación y Análisis de Sensibilidad para el Coeficiente de Difusividad en un Problema de Conducción de Calor

by   Guillermo Federico Umbricht, et al.

The aim of this article is to discuss the estimation of the diffusivity coefficient of a homogeneous metal rod from temperature values at a fixed point in the bar for different time instants. The time-dependent problem of heat conduction is analyzed in an insulated conductor wire of length l considering constant boundary conditions. The problem is modeled by a parabolic partial differential equation, imposing Dirichlet boundary conditions. We consider simulated temperature values at a point of the bar for different time instants and estimate the coefficient of diffusivity using usual techniques for solving inverse problems. For the discretization of the equation we consider a finite difference centered scheme. We include an analytical and numerical study of the sensitivity of the temperature function with respect to the coefficient of diffusivity. Numerical experiments show very good accuracy in the estimates.



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