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Essencery - A Tool for Essentializing Software Engineering Practices

by   Arthur Evensen, et al.

Software Engineering practitioners work using highly diverse methods and practices, and general theories in software engineering are lacking. One attempt at creating a common ground in the area of software engineering methodologies has been the Essence Theory of Software Engineering, which can be considered a method-agnostic project management tool for software engineering. Essence supports the use of any development practices and provides a framework for building a suitable method for any software engineering context. However, Essence presently suffers from low practitioner adoption that is partially considered to be caused by a lack of proper tooling. In this paper, we present Essencery, a tool for essentializing software engineering methods and practices using the Essence graphical syntax. Essencery aims to facilitate adoption of Essence among potential future users. We present an empirical evaluation of the tool by means of a qualitative, quasi-formal experiment and, based on the experiment, confirm that the tool is easy to use and useful for its intended purpose.


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