ESA-ReID: Entropy-Based Semantic Feature Alignment for Person re-ID

by   Chaoping Tu, et al.

Person re-identification (re-ID) is a challenging task in real-world. Besides the typical application in surveillance system, re-ID also has significant values to improve the recall rate of people identification in content video (TV or Movies). However, the occlusion, shot angle variations and complicated background make it far away from application, especially in content video. In this paper we propose an entropy based semantic feature alignment model, which takes advantages of the detailed information of the human semantic feature. Considering the uncertainty of semantic segmentation, we introduce a semantic alignment with an entropy-based mask which can reduce the negative effects of mask segmentation errors. We construct a new re-ID dataset based on content videos with many cases of occlusion and body part missing, which will be released in future. Extensive studies on both existing datasets and the new dataset demonstrate the superior performance of the proposed model.



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