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Error bounds for the asymptotic expansion of the partition function

by   Koustav Banerje, et al.

Asymptotic study on the partition function p(n) began with the work of Hardy and Ramanujan. Later Rademacher obtained a convergent series for p(n) and an error bound was given by Lehmer. Despite having this, a full asymptotic expansion for p(n) with an explicit error bound is not known. Recently O'Sullivan studied the asymptotic expansion of p^k(n)-partitions into kth powers, initiated by Wright, and consequently obtained an asymptotic expansion for p(n) along with a concise description of the coefficients involved in the expansion but without any estimation of the error term. Here we consider a detailed and comprehensive analysis on an estimation of the error term obtained by truncating the asymptotic expansion for p(n) at any positive integer n. This gives rise to an infinite family of inequalities for p(n) which finally answers to a question proposed by Chen. Our error term estimation predominantly relies on applications of algorithmic methods from symbolic summation.


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