Entropy Stable h/p-Nonconforming Discretization with the Summation-by-Parts Property for the Compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations

In this paper, the entropy conservative/stable algorithms presented by Del Rey Fernandez and coauthors [18,16,17] for the compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations on nonconforming p-refined/coarsened curvilinear grids is extended to h/p refinement/coarsening. The main difficulty in developing nonconforming algorithms is the construction of appropriate coupling procedures across nonconforming interfaces. Here, a computationally simple and efficient approach based upon using decoupled interpolation operators is utilized. The resulting scheme is entropy conservative/stable and element-wise conservative. Numerical simulations of the isentropic vortex and viscous shock propagation confirm the entropy conservation/stability and accuracy properties of the method (achieving   p + 1 convergence) which are comparable to those of the original conforming scheme [4,35]. Simulations of the Taylor-Green vortex at Re = 1,600 and turbulent flow past a sphere at Re = 2,000 show the robustness and stability properties of the overall spatial discretization for unstructured grids. Finally, to demonstrate the entropy conservation property of a fully-discrete explicit entropy stable algorithm with h/p refinement/coarsening, we present the time evolution of the entropy function obtained by simulating the propagation of the isentropic vortex using a relaxation Runge-Kutta scheme.


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