Entity and Evidence Guided Relation Extraction for DocRED

by   Kevin Huang, et al.

Document-level relation extraction is a challenging task which requires reasoning over multiple sentences in order to predict relations in a document. In this paper, we pro-pose a joint training frameworkE2GRE(Entity and Evidence Guided Relation Extraction)for this task. First, we introduce entity-guided sequences as inputs to a pre-trained language model (e.g. BERT, RoBERTa). These entity-guided sequences help a pre-trained language model (LM) to focus on areas of the document related to the entity. Secondly, we guide the fine-tuning of the pre-trained language model by using its internal attention probabilities as additional features for evidence prediction.Our new approach encourages the pre-trained language model to focus on the entities and supporting/evidence sentences. We evaluate our E2GRE approach on DocRED, a recently released large-scale dataset for relation extraction. Our approach is able to achieve state-of-the-art results on the public leaderboard across all metrics, showing that our E2GRE is both effective and synergistic on relation extraction and evidence prediction.


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