Enterprise AI Canvas – Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Business

by   U. Kerzel, et al.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have enormous potential to transform businesses and disrupt entire industry sectors. However, companies wishing to integrate algorithmic decisions into their face multiple challenges: They have to identify use-cases in which artificial intelligence can create value, as well as decisions that can be supported or executed automatically. Furthermore, the organization will need to be transformed to be able to integrate AI based systems into their human work-force. Furthermore, the more technical aspects of the underlying machine learning model have to be discussed in terms of how they impact the various units of a business: Where do the relevant data come from, which constraints have to be considered, how is the quality of the data and the prediction evaluated? The Enterprise AI canvas is designed to bring Data Scientist and business expert together to discuss and define all relevant aspects which need to be clarified in order to integrate AI based systems into a digital enterprise. It consists of two parts where part one focuses on the business view and organizational aspects, whereas part two focuses on the underlying machine learning model and the data it uses.


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