Ensemble Framework for Cardiovascular Disease Prediction

by   Achyut Tiwari, et al.

Heart disease is the major cause of non-communicable and silent death worldwide. Heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases are classified into four types: coronary heart disease, heart failure, congenital heart disease, and cardiomyopathy. It is vital to diagnose heart disease early and accurately in order to avoid further injury and save patients' lives. As a result, we need a system that can predict cardiovascular disease before it becomes a critical situation. Machine learning has piqued the interest of researchers in the field of medical sciences. For heart disease prediction, researchers implement a variety of machine learning methods and approaches. In this work, to the best of our knowledge, we have used the dataset from IEEE Data Port which is one of the online available largest datasets for cardiovascular diseases individuals. The dataset isa combination of Hungarian, Cleveland, Long Beach VA, Switzerland Statlog datasets with important features such as Maximum Heart Rate Achieved, Serum Cholesterol, Chest Pain Type, Fasting blood sugar, and so on. To assess the efficacy and strength of the developed model, several performance measures are used, such as ROC, AUC curve, specificity, F1-score, sensitivity, MCC, and accuracy. In this study, we have proposed a framework with a stacked ensemble classifier using several machine learning algorithms including ExtraTrees Classifier, Random Forest, XGBoost, and so on. Our proposed framework attained an accuracy of 92.34


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