Ensemble CNN models for Covid-19 Recognition and Severity Perdition From 3D CT-scan

by   Fares Bougourzi, et al.

Since the appearance of Covid-19 in late 2019, Covid-19 has become an active research topic for the artificial intelligence (AI) community. One of the most interesting AI topics is Covid-19 analysis of medical imaging. CT-scan imaging is the most informative tool about this disease. This work is part of the 2nd COV19D competition, where two challenges are set: Covid-19 Detection and Covid-19 Severity Detection from the CT-scans. For Covid-19 detection from CT-scans, we proposed an ensemble of 2D Convolution blocks with Densenet-161 models. Here, each 2D convolutional block with Densenet-161 architecture is trained separately and in testing phase, the ensemble model is based on the average of their probabilities. On the other hand, we proposed an ensemble of Convolutional Layers with Inception models for Covid-19 severity detection. In addition to the Convolutional Layers, three Inception variants were used, namely Inception-v3, Inception-v4 and Inception-Resnet. Our proposed approaches outperformed the baseline approach in the validation data of the 2nd COV19D competition by 11 detection, respectively.


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