Enhancing Generalizability of Predictive Models with Synergy of Data and Physics

by   Yingjun Shen, et al.

Wind farm needs prediction models for predictive maintenance. There is a need to predict values of non-observable parameters beyond ranges reflected in available data. A prediction model developed for one machine many not perform well in another similar machine. This is usually due to lack of generalizability of data-driven models. To increase generalizability of predictive models, this research integrates the data mining with first-principle knowledge. Physics-based principles are combined with machine learning algorithms through feature engineering, strong rules and divide-and-conquer. The proposed synergy concept is illustrated with the wind turbine blade icing prediction and achieves significant prediction accuracy across different turbines. The proposed process is widely accepted by wind energy predictive maintenance practitioners because of its simplicity and efficiency. Furthermore, this paper demonstrates the importance of embedding physical principles within the machine learning process, and also highlight an important point that the need for more complex machine learning algorithms in industrial big data mining is often much less than it is in other applications, making it essential to incorporate physics and follow Less is More philosophy.



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