Enhancing Few-shot Image Classification with Cosine Transformer

by   Quang Huy Nguyen, et al.

This paper addresses the few-shot image classification problem. One notable limitation of few-shot learning is the variation in describing the same category, which might result in a significant difference between small labeled support and large unlabeled query sets. Our approach is to obtain a relation heatmap between the two sets in order to label the latter one in a transductive setting manner. This can be solved by using cross-attention with the scaled dot-product mechanism. However, the magnitude differences between two separate sets of embedding vectors may cause a significant impact on the output attention map and affect model performance. We tackle this problem by improving the attention mechanism with cosine similarity. Specifically, we develop FS-CT (Few-shot Cosine Transformer), a few-shot image classification method based on prototypical embedding and transformer-based framework. The proposed Cosine attention improves FS-CT performances significantly from nearly 5 in accuracy compared to the baseline scaled dot-product attention in various scenarios on three few-shot datasets mini-ImageNet, CUB-200, and CIFAR-FS. Additionally, we enhance the prototypical embedding for categorical representation with learnable weights before feeding them to the attention module. Our proposed method FS-CT along with the Cosine attention is simple to implement and can be applied for a wide range of applications. Our codes are available at https://github.com/vinuni-vishc/Few-Shot-Cosine-Transformer


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