Enhancing Data-Free Adversarial Distillation with Activation Regularization and Virtual Interpolation

by   Xiaoyang Qu, et al.

Knowledge distillation refers to a technique of transferring the knowledge from a large learned model or an ensemble of learned models to a small model. This method relies on access to the original training set, which might not always be available. A possible solution is a data-free adversarial distillation framework, which deploys a generative network to transfer the teacher model's knowledge to the student model. However, the data generation efficiency is low in the data-free adversarial distillation. We add an activation regularizer and a virtual interpolation method to improve the data generation efficiency. The activation regularizer enables the students to match the teacher's predictions close to activation boundaries and decision boundaries. The virtual interpolation method can generate virtual samples and labels in-between decision boundaries. Our experiments show that our approach surpasses state-of-the-art data-free distillation methods. The student model can achieve 95.42 without any original training data. Our model's accuracy is 13.8 the state-of-the-art data-free method on CIFAR-100.


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