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Enhancement Programming Skills and Transforming Knowledge of Programming through Neuroeducation Approaches

by   Spyridon Doukakis, et al.

Programming digital devices and developing software is an important professional qualification, which contributes to employment opportunities. Despite this fact, there is a remarkable shortage in suitable human resources. In this context, research studies focus on issues of programming didactic, teaching models, programming paradigms, which are meant to enhance and optimize programmers' skills. Recent development of brain imaging techniques such as electroencephalography and the functional magnetic resonance imaging, have provided additional opportunity for neuroscientists to explore the functional organization of the human brain. With the use of these techniques, this research is an approach to supporting learning in the field of learning and teaching computer programming. On one hand, there is an attempt to connect theoretical neurosciences with cognitive science; on the other hand, the obtained research data will contribute to the identification of practices that can be applied to formal and informal programming education.


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