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Enhanced Tracking and Beamforming Codebook Design for Wideband Terahertz Massive MIMO System

by   Xu Shi, et al.
Tsinghua University

True-time-delay (TTD) lines are recently applied inside Terahertz (THz) hybrid-precoding transceiver to acquire high beamforming gain against beam squint effect. However, beam tracking turns into a challenging puzzle where enormous potential beam directions bring about unacceptable overhead consumption. Frequency-scanning-based beam tracking is initially explored but still imperfect in previous studies. In this paper, based on TTD-aided hybrid precoding structure, we give an enhanced frequency-scanning-based tracking scheme. Multiple beams are generated and utilized simultaneously via several subcarriers for tracking at one timeslot. The squint beams' angular coverage at all subcarriers can be flexibly controlled by two different subcarrier-angular mapping policies, named forward-pairing and backward-pairing. Then multiple physical directions can be simultaneously searched in one timeslot for lower overhead consumption. Besides, closed-form searching radius bound, parameter configuration and interferences are theoretically analyzed. Furthermore, we provide the coupled codebook design for TTDs and phase shifters (PSs), with joint consideration of both beamforming and tracking. Analytical and numerical results demonstrate the superiority of the new frequency-scanning-based tracking scheme and beamforming codebook.


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