Enhanced Secrecy Rate Maximization for Directional Modulation Networks via IRS

by   Feng Shu, et al.

Intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) is of low-cost and energy-efficiency and will be a promising technology for the future wireless communications like sixth generation. To address the problem of conventional directional modulation (DM) that Alice only transmits single confidential bit stream (CBS) to Bob with multiple antennas in a line-of-sight channel, IRS is proposed to create friendly multipaths for DM such that two CBSs can be transmitted from Alice to Bob. This will significantly enhance the secrecy rate (SR) of DM. To maximize the SR (Max-SR), a general non-convex optimization problem is formulated with the unit-modulus constraint of IRS phase-shift matrix (PSM), and the general alternating iterative (GAI) algorithm is proposed to jointly obtain the transmit beamforming vectors (TBVs) and PSM by alternately optimizing one and fixing another. To reduce its high complexity, a low-complexity iterative algorithm for Max-SR is proposed by placing the constraint of null-space (NS) on the TBVs, called NS projection (NSP). Here, each CBS is transmitted separately in the NSs of other CBS and AN channels. Simulation results show that the SRs of the proposed GAI and NSP can approximately double that of IRS-based DM with single CBS for massive IRS in the high signal-to-noise ratio region.


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