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Enhanced AGCM3D: A Highly Scalable Dynamical Core of Atmospheric General Circulation Model Based on Leap-Format

by   Hang Cao, et al.

The finite-difference dynamical core based on the equal-interval latitude-longitude mesh has been widely used for numerical simulations of the Atmospheric General Circulation Model (AGCM). Previous work utilizes different filtering schemes to alleviate the instability problem incurred by the unequal physical spacing at different latitudes, but they all incur high communication and computation overhead and become a scaling bottleneck. This paper proposes a highly scalable 3d dynamical core based on a new leap-format finite-difference computing scheme. It generalizes the usual finite-difference format with adaptive wider intervals and is able to maintain the computational stability in the grid updating. Therefore, the costly filtering scheme is eliminated. The new scheme is parallelized with a shifting communication method and implemented with fine communication optimizations based on a 3D decomposition. With the proposed leap-format computation scheme, the communication overhead of the AGCM is significantly reduced and good load balance is exhibited. The simulation results verify the correctness of the new leap-format scheme. The new leap-format dynamical core scales up to 196,608 CPU cores and achieves the speed of 7.4 simulation-year-per-day (SYPD) and 2.0x speedup on average over the latest implementation at a high resolution of 25KM.


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