EnergyScout: A Consumer Oriented Dashboard for Smart Meter Data Analytics

11/21/2019 ∙ by Nafees Ahmed, et al. ∙ 0

The increasing popularity of smart meters provides energy consumers in households with unprecedented opportunities for understanding and modifying their energy use. However, while a variety of solutions, both commercial and academic,have been proposed, research on effective visual analysis tools is still needed to achieve widespread adoption of smart meters. In this paper we explore an interface that seeks to balance the tradeoff between complexity and usability. We worked with real household data and in close collaboration with consumer experts of a large local utility company. Based on their continued feedback we designed EnergyScout - a dashboard with a versatile set of highly interactive visual tools with which consumers can understand the energy consumption of their household devices, discover the impact of their usage patterns, compare them with usage patterns of the past, and see via what-if analysis what effects a modification of these patterns may have, also in the context of modulated incentivized pricing, social and personal events, outside temperature, and weather. All of these are events which could explain certain usage patterns and help motivate a modification of behavior. We tested EnergyScout with various groups of people, households, and energy bill responsibilities in order to gauge the merits of this system.



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