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Energy Optimization of Robotic Cells

by   Libor Bukata, et al.
Czech Technical University in Prague

This study focuses on the energy optimization of industrial robotic cells, which is essential for sustainable production in the long term. A holistic approach that considers a robotic cell as a whole toward minimizing energy consumption is proposed. The mathematical model, which takes into account various robot speeds, positions, power-saving modes, and alternative orders of operations, can be transformed into a mixed-integer linear programming formulation that is, however, suitable only for small instances. To optimize complex robotic cells, a hybrid heuristic accelerated by using multicore processors and the Gurobi simplex method for piecewise linear convex functions is implemented. The experimental results showed that the heuristic solved 93 of instances with a solution quality close to a proven lower bound. Moreover, compared with the existing works, which typically address problems with three to four robots, this study solved real-size problem instances with up to 12 robots and considered more optimization aspects. The proposed algorithms were also applied on an existing robotic cell in Škoda Auto. The outcomes, based on simulations and measurements, indicate that, compared with the previous state (at maximal robot speeds and without deeper power-saving modes), the energy consumption can be reduced by about 20 speeds and applying power-saving modes. All the software and generated datasets used in this research are publicly available.


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