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Energy Harvesting in 5G Networks: Taxonomy, Requirements, Challenges, and Future Directions

by   Muhammad Imran, et al.

Consciousness of energy saving is increasing in fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks due to the high energy consumption issue. Energy harvesting technology is a possible appealing solution for ultimately prolonging the lifetime of devices and networks. Although considerable research efforts have been conducted in the context of using energy harvesting technology in 5G wireless networks, these efforts are in their infancy, and a tutorial on this topic is still lacking. This study aims to discuss the beneficial role of energy harvesting technology in 5G networks. We categorize and classify the literature available on energy harvesting in 5G networks by devising a taxonomy based on energy sources; energy harvesting devices, phases, and models; energy conversion methods, and energy propagation medium. The key requirements for enabling energy harvesting in 5G networks are also outlined. Several core research challenges that remain to be addressed are discussed. Furthermore, future research directions are provided.


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