Energy Efficient Wireless Communication using Genetic Algorithm Guided Faster Light Weight Digital Signature Algorithm (GADSA)

by   Arindam Sarkar, et al.

In this paper GA based light weight faster version of Digital Signature Algorithm (GADSA) in wireless communication has been proposed. Various genetic operators like crossover and mutation are used to optimizing amount of modular multiplication. Roulette Wheel selection mechanism helps to select best chromosome which in turn helps in faster computation and minimizes the time requirements for DSA. Minimization of number of modular multiplication itself a NP-hard problem that means there is no polynomial time deterministic algorithm for this purpose. This paper deals with this problem using GA based optimization algorithm for minimization of the modular multiplication. Proposed GADSA initiates with an initial population comprises of set of valid and complete set of individuals. Some operators are used to generate feasible valid offspring from the existing one. Among several exponents the best solution reached by GADSA is compared with some of the existing techniques. Extensive simulations shows competitive results for the proposed GADSA.


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