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Energy-Efficient Ultra-Dense Network with Deep Reinforcement Learning

by   Hyungyu Ju, et al.
Seoul National University

With the explosive growth in mobile data traffic, ultra-dense network (UDN) where a large number of small cells are densely deployed on top of macro cells has received a great deal of attention in recent years. While UDN offers a number of benefits, an upsurge of energy consumption in UDN due to the intensive deployment of small cells has now become a major bottleneck in achieving the primary goals viz., 100-fold increase in the throughput in 5G+ and 6G. In recent years, an approach to reduce the energy consumption of base stations (BSs) by selectively turning off the lightly-loaded BSs, referred to as the sleep mode technique, has been suggested. However, determining the appropriate active/sleep modes of BSs is a difficult task due to the huge computational overhead and inefficiency caused by the frequent BS mode conversion. An aim of this paper is to propose a deep reinforcement learning (DRL)-based approach to achieve a reduction of energy consumption in UDN. Key ingredient of the proposed scheme is to use decision selection network to reduce the size of action space. Numerical results show that the proposed scheme can significantly reduce the energy consumption of UDN while ensuring the rate requirement of network.


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