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Energy-Efficient Transmission Range and Duration for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks

by   Mustafa Ozger, et al.
University of Cambridge

Cognitive Radio (CR) promises an efficient utilization of radio spectrum resources by enabling dynamic spectrum access to overcome the spectrum scarcity problem. Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks (CRSNs) are one type of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) equipped with CR capabilities. CRSN nodes need to operate energy-efficiently to extend network lifetime due to their limited battery capacity. In this paper, for the first time in literature, we formulate the problem of finding a common energy-efficient transmission range and transmission duration for all CRSN nodes and network deployment that would minimize the energy consumed per goodput per meter toward the sink in a greedy forwarding scenario. Results reveal non-trivial relations for energy-efficient CRSN transmission range and duration as a function of nine critical network parameters such as primary user activity levels. These relations provide valuable insights for detailed CRSN designs prior to deployment.


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