Energy Efficient and Throughput Optimal CSMA Scheme

by   Ali Maatouk, et al.

Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) is widely used as a Medium Access Control (MAC) in wireless networks thanks to its simplicity and distributive nature. This motivated researchers to find CSMA schemes that achieves throughput optimality. In 2008, it has been shown that even simple CSMAtype algorithms is able to achieve optimality in terms of throughput and has been given the name "adaptive" CSMA. Lately, new technologies emerged where prolonged battery life is crucial such as environment and industrial monitoring. This inspired the foundation of new CSMA based MAC protocols where nodes are allowed to transition into sleep mode e.g. IEEE 802.15.4 MAC. However, throughput optimality of these protocols was not established. This paper therefore aims to find a new CSMA scheme that combines both throughput optimality and energy efficiency by adapting to the throughput and power consumption needs of each node. This is done by smartly controlling operational parameters such as back-off and sleeping timers. The main advantages about this scheme is being asynchronous, completely distributed and its ability to adapt to different power consumption profiles required by each node. We present numerical results that show the gain in terms of energy efficiency compared to the conventional adaptive CSMA scheme.


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