Energy Efficiency of MIMO Massive Unsourced Random Access with Finite Blocklength

by   Junyuan Gao, et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

This paper investigates the energy efficiency of massive unsourced random access (URA) in multiple-input multiple-output quasi-static Rayleigh fading channels. Specifically, we derive achievability and converse bounds on the minimum required energy-per-bit under the per-user probability of error constraint, where the converse bounds contain two parts: one is general and the other is a weaker ensemble bound. Numerical evaluation shows that the gap between our achievability and converse bounds is less than 5 dB in the considered regime. Some practical schemes are energy-inefficient compared with our bounds especially when there are many users. Moreover, we observe that in contrast to the sourced random access paradigm, the URA paradigm achieves higher spectral efficiency.


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