Energy and Time Based Topology Control Approach to Enhance the Lifetime of WSN in an economic zone

by   Tanvir Hossain, et al.

An economic zone requires continuous monitoring and controlling by an autonomous surveillance system for heightening its production competency and security. Wireless sensor network (WSN) has swiftly grown popularity over the world for uninterruptedly monitoring and controlling a system. Sensor devices, the main elements of WSN, are given limited amount of energy, which leads the network to limited lifespan. Therefore, the most significant challenge is to increase the lifespan of a WSN system. Topology control mechanism (TCM) is a renowned method to enhance the lifespan of WSN. This paper proposes an approach to extend the lifetime of WSN for an economic area, targeting an economic zone in Bangladesh. Observations are made on the performance of the network lifetime considering the individual combinations of the TCM protocols and comparative investigation between the time and energy triggering strategy of TCM protocols. Results reveal the network makes a better performance in the case of A3 protocol while using the topology maintenance protocols with both time and energy triggering methods. Moreover, the performance of the A3 and DGETRec is superior to the other combinations of TCM protocols. Hence, the WSN system can be able to serve better connectivity coverage in the target economic zone.


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