End-to-End User Behavior Retrieval in Click-Through RatePrediction Model

by   Qiwei Chen, et al.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) prediction is one of the core tasks in recommender systems (RS). It predicts a personalized click probability for each user-item pair. Recently, researchers have found that the performance of CTR model can be improved greatly by taking user behavior sequence into consideration, especially long-term user behavior sequence. The report on an e-commerce website shows that 23% of users have more than 1000 clicks during the past 5 months. Though there are numerous works focus on modeling sequential user behaviors, few works can handle long-term user behavior sequence due to the strict inference time constraint in real world system. Two-stage methods are proposed to push the limit for better performance. At the first stage, an auxiliary task is designed to retrieve the top-k similar items from long-term user behavior sequence. At the second stage, the classical attention mechanism is conducted between the candidate item and k items selected in the first stage. However, information gap happens between retrieval stage and the main CTR task. This goal divergence can greatly diminishing the performance gain of long-term user sequence. In this paper, inspired by Reformer, we propose a locality-sensitive hashing (LSH) method called ETA (End-to-end Target Attention) which can greatly reduce the training and inference cost and make the end-to-end training with long-term user behavior sequence possible. Both offline and online experiments confirm the effectiveness of our model. We deploy ETA into a large-scale real world E-commerce system and achieve extra 3.1% improvements on GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) compared to a two-stage long user sequence CTR model.



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