End-to-End Simulation of Integrated Access and Backhaul at mmWaves

by   Michele Polese, et al.

Recently, the millimeter wave (mmWave) bands have been investigated as a means to support the foreseen extreme data rate demands of next-generation cellular networks (5G). However, in order to overcome the severe isotropic path loss and the harsh propagation experienced at such high frequencies, a dense base station deployment is required, which may be infeasible because of the unavailability of fiber drops to provide wired backhauling. To address this challenge, the 3GPP is investigating the concept of Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB), i.e., the possibility of providing wireless backhaul to the mobile terminals. In this paper, we (i) extend the capabilities of the existing mmWave module for ns-3 to support advanced IAB functionalities, and (ii) evaluate the end-to-end performance of the IAB architecture through system-level full-stack simulations in terms of experienced throughput and communication latency. We finally provide guidelines on how to design optimal wireless backhaul solutions in the presence of resource-constrained and traffic-congested mmWave scenarios.


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