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End-to-End Performance Optimization in Hybrid Molecular and Electromagnetic Communications

by   Ali Momeni, et al.

Telemedicine refers to the use of information and communication technology to assist with medical information and services. In health care applications, high reliable communication links between the health care provider and the desired destination in the human body play a central role in designing end-to-end (E2E) telemedicine system. In the advanced health care applications, e.g. drug delivery, molecular communication becomes a major building block in bio-nano-medical applications. In this paper, an E2E communication link consisting of the electromagnetic and the molecular link is investigated. This paradigm is crucial when the body is a part of the communication system. Based on the quality of service (QoS) metrics, we present a closed-form expression for the E2E BER of the combination of molecular and wireless electromagnetic communications. Next, we formulate an optimization problem with the aim of minimizing the bit error probability of the system to achieve the optimal symbol duration. The proposed problem is solved by an iterative algorithm based on the bisection method. Also, we study the impact of the system parameters, including drift velocity, detection threshold at the receiver in molecular communication, on the performance of the system. Numerical results show that the proposed method obtains the minimum E2E bit error probability by selecting an appropriate symbol duration of electromagnetic and molecular communications.


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