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End-to-end Learning for Short Text Expansion

by   Jian Tang, et al.

Effectively making sense of short texts is a critical task for many real world applications such as search engines, social media services, and recommender systems. The task is particularly challenging as a short text contains very sparse information, often too sparse for a machine learning algorithm to pick up useful signals. A common practice for analyzing short text is to first expand it with external information, which is usually harvested from a large collection of longer texts. In literature, short text expansion has been done with all kinds of heuristics. We propose an end-to-end solution that automatically learns how to expand short text to optimize a given learning task. A novel deep memory network is proposed to automatically find relevant information from a collection of longer documents and reformulate the short text through a gating mechanism. Using short text classification as a demonstrating task, we show that the deep memory network significantly outperforms classical text expansion methods with comprehensive experiments on real world data sets.


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