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Enabling Trust in Deep Learning Models: A Digital Forensics Case Study

by   Aditya K, et al.
University College Dublin

Today, the volume of evidence collected per case is growing exponentially, to address this problem forensics investigators are looking for investigation process with tools built on new technologies like big data, cloud services, and Deep Learning (DL) techniques. Consequently, the accuracy of artifacts found also relies on the performance of techniques used, especially DL models. Recently, Deep Neural Nets (DNN) have achieved state of the art performance in the tasks of classification and recognition. In the context of digital forensics, DNN has been applied to the domains of cybercrime investigation such as child abuse investigations, malware classification, steganalysis and image forensics. However, the robustness of DNN models in the context of digital forensics is never studied before. Hence, in this research, we design and implement a domain-independent Adversary Testing Framework (ATF) to test the security robustness of black-box DNN's. By using ATF, we also methodically test a commercially available DNN service used in forensic investigations and bypass the detection, where published methods fail in control settings.


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