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Enabling On-Device Training of Speech Recognition Models with Federated Dropout

by   Dhruv Guliani, et al.

Federated learning can be used to train machine learning models on the edge on local data that never leave devices, providing privacy by default. This presents a challenge pertaining to the communication and computation costs associated with clients' devices. These costs are strongly correlated with the size of the model being trained, and are significant for state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition models. We propose using federated dropout to reduce the size of client models while training a full-size model server-side. We provide empirical evidence of the effectiveness of federated dropout, and propose a novel approach to vary the dropout rate applied at each layer. Furthermore, we find that federated dropout enables a set of smaller sub-models within the larger model to independently have low word error rates, making it easier to dynamically adjust the size of the model deployed for inference.


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