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Enabling Big Data Analytics at Manufacturing Fields of Farplas Automotive

by   Ozgun Akin, et al.

Digitization and data-driven manufacturing process is needed for today's industry. The term Industry 4.0 stands for today industrial digitization which is defined as a new level of organization and control over the entire value chain of the life cycle of products; it is geared towards increasingly individualized customer's high-quality expectations. However, due to the increase in the number of connected devices and the variety of data, it has become difficult to store and analyze data with conventional systems. The motivation of this paper is to provide an overview of the understanding of the big data pipeline, providing a real-time on-premise data acquisition, data compression, data storage and processing with Apache Kafka and Apache Spark implementation on Apache Ha-doop cluster, and identifying the challenges and issues occurring with implementation the Farplas manufacturing company, which is one of the biggest Tier 1 automotive supplier in Turkey, to study the new trends and streams related to topics via Industry 4.0.


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