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Enabling and Enforcing Social Distancing Measures using Smart City and ITS Infrastructures: A COVID-19 Use Case

by   Maanak Gupta, et al.
Tennessee Tech University
Manhattan College

Internet of Things is a revolutionary domain that has the caliber to impact our lives and bring significant changes to the world. Several IoT applications have been envisioned to facilitate data driven and smart application for the user. Smart City and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) offer a futuristic vision of smart, secure and safe experience to the end user, and at the same time efficiently manage the sparse resources and optimize the efficiency of city operations. However, outbreaks and pandemics like COVID-19 have revealed limitations of the existing deployments, therefore, architecture, applications and technology systems need to be developed for swift and timely enforcement of guidelines, rules and government orders to contain such future outbreaks. This work outlines novel architecture, potential use-cases and some future directions in developing such applications using Smart City and ITS.


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