Employees Productivity Measurement and Control – a Case of a National University

by   Khaled Waleed, et al.

An experimental study, that finds the impact of Internet access control on the employees productivity in the National University. The purpose of the study is to boost the employee productivity through proper Internet access control. The main objectives are to find the most used web categories by the staff, find if relation exists between productivity and none work related internet usage, and choose the best level of Internet access control. Before initiating the experiment, Employees Internet usage was monitored and accordingly classified them into the proper Internet access control groups. Then supervisors were asked for a pre-test productivity measures for their staff, after that the experiment was initiated for 45 days. Then, a post-test productivity measure was done. Productivity changes were analyzed with the department nature, its Internet usage portfolio and its current Internet access control group; then the best level of restriction was found. The result showed that the productivity of departments with low Internet usage was not affected by restricting and none restricting Internet access. However, for high Internet usage departments noticeable productivity improvement was there when the Internet restriction policy was not affecting work-related websites; but when it was affecting work-related websites the productivity decreased.



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