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Empirical Upper-bound in Object Detection and More

by   Ali Borji, et al.
West Virginia University

Object detection remains as one of the most notorious open problems in computer vision. Despite large strides in accuracy in recent years, modern object detectors have started to saturate on popular benchmarks raising the question of how far we can reach with deep learning tools and tricks. Here, by employing 2 state-of-the-art object detection benchmarks, and analyzing more than 15 models over 4 large scale datasets, we I) carefully determine the upperbound in AP, which is 91.6 and 58.9 are much better than the AP of the best model1 (47.9 COCO; IOUs=.5:.95), II) characterize the sources of errors in object detectors, in a novel and intuitive way, and find that classification error (confusion with other classes and misses) explains the largest fraction of errors and weighs more than localization and duplicate errors, and III) analyze the invariance properties of models when surrounding context of an object is removed, when an object is placed in an incongruent background, and when images are blurred or flipped vertically. We find that models generate boxes on empty regions and that context is more important for detecting small objects than larger ones. Our work taps into the tight relationship between recognition and detection and offers insights for building better models.


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Code for calculating the upper bound AP in object detection

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