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Emotion Embedding Spaces for Matching Music to Stories

by   Minz Won, et al.
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Content creators often use music to enhance their stories, as it can be a powerful tool to convey emotion. In this paper, our goal is to help creators find music to match the emotion of their story. We focus on text-based stories that can be auralized (e.g., books), use multiple sentences as input queries, and automatically retrieve matching music. We formalize this task as a cross-modal text-to-music retrieval problem. Both the music and text domains have existing datasets with emotion labels, but mismatched emotion vocabularies prevent us from using mood or emotion annotations directly for matching. To address this challenge, we propose and investigate several emotion embedding spaces, both manually defined (e.g., valence/arousal) and data-driven (e.g., Word2Vec and metric learning) to bridge this gap. Our experiments show that by leveraging these embedding spaces, we are able to successfully bridge the gap between modalities to facilitate cross modal retrieval. We show that our method can leverage the well established valence-arousal space, but that it can also achieve our goal via data-driven embedding spaces. By leveraging data-driven embeddings, our approach has the potential of being generalized to other retrieval tasks that require broader or completely different vocabularies.


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