Emerging basic, clinical and translational research fronts in dental biomaterials R&D

11/30/2017 ∙ by David Fajardo-Ortiz, et al. ∙ 0

The current (2007-2007) structure and content of dental materials research has been investigated by identifying and describing the emergent research fronts which can be related to basic, translational and clinical observation research. By a combination of network analysis and text mining of the literature on dental materials indexed in the Web of Science, we have identified eleven emerging research fronts. These fronts are related to different dental materials applications which are at different levels in the knowledge translation and biomedical innovation process. We identified fronts related to dominant designs like titanium implants, competing technologies like ceramics and composites applications to prothesis and restauration, and disruptive technologies like nanomaterials and mineral trioxide aggregates. Our results suggest the possible relation between the technological complexity of the dental materials and the level of advance in terms of knowledge translation. This is the first time the structure and content of research on dental materials research is analyzed.



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