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Emergent Behaviors from Folksonomy Driven Interactions

by   Massimiliano Dal Mas, et al.

To reflect the evolving knowledge on the Web this paper considers ontologies based on folksonomies according to a new concept structure called "Folksodriven" to represent folksonomies. This paper describes a research program for studying Folksodriven tags interactions leading to Folksodriven cluster behavior. The goal of the research is to understand the type of simple local interactions which produce complex and purposive group behaviors on Folksodriven tags. We describe a synthetic, bottom-up approach to studying group behavior, consisting of designing and testing a variety of social interactions and cultural scenarios with Folksodriven tags. We propose a set of basic interactions which can be used to structure and simplify the process of both designing and analyzing emergent group behaviors. The presented behavior repertories was developed and tested on a folksonomy environment.


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