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Elliptic polytopes and invariant norms of linear operators

by   Thomas Mejstrik, et al.

We address the problem of constructing elliptic polytopes in R^d, which are convex hulls of finitely many two-dimensional ellipses with a common center. Such sets arise in the study of spectral properties of matrices, asymptotics of long matrix products, in the Lyapunov stability, etc.. The main issue in the construction is to decide whether a given ellipse is in the convex hull of others. The computational complexity of this problem is analysed by considering an equivalent optimisation problem. We show that the number of local extrema of that problem may grow exponentially in d. For d=2,3, it admits an explicit solution for an arbitrary number of ellipses; for higher dimensions, several geometric methods for approximate solutions are derived. Those methods are analysed numerically and their efficiency is demonstrated in applications.


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