Electric Vehicle Charging Scheduling in Green Logistics: Challenges, Approaches and Opportunities

by   Luyang Hou, et al.

Replacing a fossil fuel-powered car with an electric model can halve greenhouse gas emissions over the course of the vehicle's lifetime and reduce the noise pollution in urban areas. In green logistics, a well-scheduled charging ensures an efficient operation of transportation and power systems and, at the same time, provides economical and satisfactory charging services for drivers. This paper presents a taxonomy of current electric vehicle charging scheduling problems in green logistics by analyzing its unique features with some typical use cases, such as space assignment, routing and energy management; discusses the challenges, i.e., the information availability and stakeholders' strategic behaviors that arise in stochastic and decentralized environments; and classifies the existing approaches, as centralized, distributed and decentralized ones, that apply to these challenges. Moreover, we discuss research opportunities in applying market-based mechanisms, which shall be coordinated with stochastic optimization and machine learning, to the decentralized, dynamic and data-driven charging scheduling problems for the management of the future green logistics.



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