Efficiently Solving MDPs with Stochastic Mirror Descent

08/28/2020 ∙ by Yujia Jin, et al. ∙ 0

We present a unified framework based on primal-dual stochastic mirror descent for approximately solving infinite-horizon Markov decision processes (MDPs) given a generative model. When applied to an average-reward MDP with A_tot total state-action pairs and mixing time bound t_mix our method computes an ϵ-optimal policy with an expected O(t_mix^2 A_totϵ^-2) samples from the state-transition matrix, removing the ergodicity dependence of prior art. When applied to a γ-discounted MDP with A_tot total state-action pairs our method computes an ϵ-optimal policy with an expected O((1-γ)^-4 A_totϵ^-2) samples, matching the previous state-of-the-art up to a (1-γ)^-1 factor. Both methods are model-free, update state values and policies simultaneously, and run in time linear in the number of samples taken. We achieve these results through a more general stochastic mirror descent framework for solving bilinear saddle-point problems with simplex and box domains and we demonstrate the flexibility of this framework by providing further applications to constrained MDPs.



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