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Efficiently Processing Workflow Provenance Queries on SPARK

by   Rajmohan C, et al.

In this paper, we investigate how we can leverage Spark platform for efficiently processing provenance queries on large volumes of workflow provenance data. We focus on processing provenance queries at attribute-value level which is the finest granularity available. We propose a novel weakly connected component based framework which is carefully engineered to quickly determine a minimal volume of data containing the entire lineage of the queried attribute-value. This minimal volume of data is then processed to figure out the provenance of the queried attribute-value. The proposed framework computes weakly connected components on the workflow provenance graph and further partitions the large components as a collection of weakly connected sets. The framework exploits the workflow dependency graph to effectively partition the large components into a collection of weakly connected sets. We study the effectiveness of the proposed framework through experiments on a provenance trace obtained from a real-life unstructured text curation workflow. On provenance graphs containing upto 500M nodes and edges, we show that the proposed framework answers provenance queries in real-time and easily outperforms the naive approaches.


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